IT is an unpredictable world. If you ask 100 people how they made it to the top of the IT ladder, you will probably get 100 different answers. IT professionals, so it seems, do everything in the same way and differently, at the same time.

Despite this, we have prepared a few tips for all you out there who want to try out and succeed in the IT world. There are solutions to your problems, and we are happy to share. The first thing you should be aware of are two simple questions: what is it that I want and what is the way I’m going to get there?

These two questions, though, have many answers. Often you will find these answer radically opposing. Some IT executives have altruistic motivations, like helping fight hunger, AIDS or other global issues. Others contribute globally by acting from within themselves. These people like their job, the energy and the buzz it provides. Then they channel this energy to positive goals.

Get into the talk

IT professionals often come from different educational backgrounds. There is no definite IT school, and everybody can join the caravan if they learn the skills, one way or another. Many people manage to become important pieces of the IT puzzle without significant IT skills. But they understand how this world works and what are the basic tenets and commands.

You have to understand what the story is about, what the terms mean and how you use them. Even lawyers are important in the IT world, and they have to know the terminology behind it. So, step one is to get to know yourself with the vocabulary.

Understand the business aspect of IT

Focus on the organization you belong to, the connections which create and bind it. Learn to notice the pieces of the puzzle that matter the most – the key people who have the most knowledge and abilities. Learn from the talented and accept their advice.

Show initiative

Be open to new ideas, accept them, process them and contribute something of you own. The initiative will show the bosses that you want to contribute and then you will show them that you have the skills for it. IT experts are invaluable for big companies, and they prefer the ones which show the most initiative and talent.