How to test if a file is safe before downloading it

How to test if a file is safe before downloading it

How many times you wanted to download something, and in the end, you downloaded completely different thing? It can be frustrated, and you can pick up so many malware if are not careful. This is especially particular for non-technique people. If you are not an IT person, you will see only what developers of the page wanted to present you. They enhance only buttons that they want you to press. In most cases, the file you want to download is so small that you cannot notice it at first sight.

How to prevent this?

If you want to prevent yourself to download unsafe file, application or software you need to start reading. It is like pressing “I agree” and not reading a thing from the opened window. Do not just click and wait for a miracle to happen. Downloading link is usually small and in some corner of the page. The second thing you need to pay attention to comes when you are installing it. Sometimes you need to see what is checked and to uncheck it. Programs usually offer other programs, and if you are not reading, you can get more than one program on your computer. Sometimes it will offer you a new browser, and you simply got used to the old one and did not want to change it.

Is it possible to scan a file before download it?

This is common question especially if you have worked as technical support or simply know the IT basics. For all those curious people the answer is positive. Thanks to various malware engines you are possible to scan a file before you decide to have it on your computer. They are very user-friendly and simply to use. Even a child can download it and start using it immediately. Believe us these engines are a real life saver. After all, you will save yourself a lot of time, and you will prevent malware to slow down your computer. Once you see how this tool is powerful, you will never stop using it.