How to Browse the Web Safely

How to Browse the Web Safely

These days, everyone is using the internet almost every day. The bad thing about the internet is that it is not the safest place, especially if you don’t have any experience with it. People who are just starting to use the internet are very much exposed to every little danger that there is on the internet. The reason for that is because they don’t know how to browse the web safely. In this article, we will be covering some of the most common ways people are trying to take advantage of these inexperienced people. All that you need to do is follow our advice and you will be safely browsing the web in no time. Here are some very helpful tips that can help you stay out of trouble while browsing the web.


Let’s start by explaining what pop-ups are, they are essentially an ad that was created by a person to attract new visitors to their website. Some of the websites that you might visit will have these types of ads and the problem with them is that people have started taking advantage of these adds. The reason for that is because you cannot miss these add, they just pop up right in the middle or top of your screen, so they don’t give you the chance to see anything else. People without any experience, will most likely make the mistake and click on that link. Under no circumstances, you should even click on one of the pop-ups that you find because most likely you will start downloading a harmful software or give permission to people to see your personal things.

New window

In some cases, you will not see these pop-ups because you will be actually redirected to a new window. No matter what you are looking for, when the browser starts to open up randomly new windows with websites that you didn’t click on, you must close them immediately. The reason is quite simple, these new windows when opening up, they can contain some harmful software that can damage your computer or possibly leak some of your personal data. After some time, you will get into browsing and you will be able to tell which link will be a new window that you don’t want to click on. However, until then, the safest thing to do is just close anything that you didn’t click on.

Ad block

One of the best inventions that your browser can offer to you is the extension called add blocker. There are several versions of these extensions, but they all do the same, they are designed to block all the ads on the internet. This is a very helpful extension for people that have just started using the internet because it will prevent them from clicking on random ads that might contain harmful data. If you want to protect your computer and of course, your private data, then we strongly suggest that you install this extension because it will help you out a lot.

Build a successful IT career

Build a successful IT career

IT is an unpredictable world. If you ask 100 people how they made it to the top of the IT ladder, you will probably get 100 different answers. IT professionals, so it seems, do everything in the same way and differently, at the same time.

Despite this, we have prepared a few tips for all you out there who want to try out and succeed in the IT world. There are solutions to your problems, and we are happy to share. The first thing you should be aware of are two simple questions: what is it that I want and what is the way I’m going to get there?

These two questions, though, have many answers. Often you will find these answer radically opposing. Some IT executives have altruistic motivations, like helping fight hunger, AIDS or other global issues. Others contribute globally by acting from within themselves. These people like their job, the energy and the buzz it provides. Then they channel this energy to positive goals.

Get into the talk

IT professionals often come from different educational backgrounds. There is no definite IT school, and everybody can join the caravan if they learn the skills, one way or another. Many people manage to become important pieces of the IT puzzle without significant IT skills. But they understand how this world works and what are the basic tenets and commands.

You have to understand what the story is about, what the terms mean and how you use them. Even lawyers are important in the IT world, and they have to know the terminology behind it. So, step one is to get to know yourself with the vocabulary.

Understand the business aspect of IT

Focus on the organization you belong to, the connections which create and bind it. Learn to notice the pieces of the puzzle that matter the most – the key people who have the most knowledge and abilities. Learn from the talented and accept their advice.

Show initiative

Be open to new ideas, accept them, process them and contribute something of you own. The initiative will show the bosses that you want to contribute and then you will show them that you have the skills for it. IT experts are invaluable for big companies, and they prefer the ones which show the most initiative and talent.

Best cloud services 2017

Best cloud services 2017

Millions of individuals, as well as companies, use cloud services each day. Choosing the one that suits your needs the most is, in most cases, a consequence of personal preferences. While some people want non-stop access, some need the space to back up their files; others want to make collaborations with others easier.

It might sound ethereal, but cloud computing is quite simple. It is an external server which you use to store information on. An external hard drive for lease. Past several years brought us great advances, and cloud services keep popping up everywhere. But which one is right for you?

Personal use cloud services

In our mind, Amazon drive wins the race. More than 50 million subscribers in the US alone. You can store your photos, your movies, books, documents, whatever you need. Prime members have additional privileges, like 5GB of free file and video storage space and unlimited photo storage. Prime members also have the option to get unlimited storage, for 60 bucks a year. You must use this for personal needs, though.

Affordable small business cloud services

Beginner entrepreneurs seek ways to improve their businesses constantly. They have to keep the costs in mind at all times. For small businesses, our choice of the best cloud service is Open Drive. To put everything in simple terms, with Open Drive you get the largest storage for the lowest cost.

Right from the start, you get 5GB for free. Then, for just 2$ monthly, you will get 50GB. Most businesses like the 1TB storage option which you can net for only 5 dollars monthly. And for double that price, for only 10 dollars each month, you will receive 5TB of storage for each of your employees. This option has a minimum of 5 users.


Many users cite the option to access their files easily as the most important aspect of the cloud service. Some services allow you to edit your files on the go, which is a great timesaver for designers, writers, lawyers, etc. Our choice of the cloud service which offers best accessibility options is the Gsuite.