Month: October 2017

Build a successful IT career

IT is an unpredictable world. If you ask 100 people how they made it to the top of the IT ladder, you will probably get 100 different answers. IT professionals, so it seems, do everything in the same way and differently, at the same time. Despite this, we have prepared a few tips for all you out there who want to try out and succeed in the IT world. There are solutions to your problems, and we are happy to share. The first thing you should be aware of are two simple questions: what is it that I want...

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Best cloud services 2017

Millions of individuals, as well as companies, use cloud services each day. Choosing the one that suits your needs the most is, in most cases, a consequence of personal preferences. While some people want non-stop access, some need the space to back up their files; others want to make collaborations with others easier. It might sound ethereal, but cloud computing is quite simple. It is an external server which you use to store information on. An external hard drive for lease. Past several years brought us great advances, and cloud services keep popping up everywhere. But which one is...

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How to test if a file is safe before downloading it

How many times you wanted to download something, and in the end, you downloaded completely different thing? It can be frustrated, and you can pick up so many malware if are not careful. This is especially particular for non-technique people. If you are not an IT person, you will see only what developers of the page wanted to present you. They enhance only buttons that they want you to press. In most cases, the file you want to download is so small that you cannot notice it at first sight. How to prevent this? If you want to prevent...

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